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We are very proud to inform everyone that White Nightingale has received it’s first single review. 

Catalonia – Review at Exposed Vocals
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Catalonia is a truly beautiful and unique recording that really highlights the distinct difference between music that is simply music and music that is something much more deeply artistic. The soundscape from the very first moment sets a certain mood that transcends that of any simple song. It feels almost as if an age old classic story or poem has been set to a sublime and somehow cinematic backdrop, despite the lack of a visual aid. The lyrics for me were lost in a haze of imagery and experience at first, but the more you listen, the more the story unfolds, and a personal side to it all does begin to show itself, though that mystery and that unusual ambiance remain.

The recording is stunning, the vocal performance is gentle yet powerful, and the music has this organic strength that feels like a dramatic meeting between instruments and even certain periods of time. The percussion element brings something much more industrial to the mix, and the structure of the track really draws your focus to each of these intense, theatrical moments in a way that makes the emotion of everything shine unconditionally. There are certain riffs throughout, that particular shuffle of the rhythm in the opening few bars, the subtlety of the strings – the piece is essentially a perfectly crafted arrangement of singular, minimalist moments, which, together, make for something quite remarkable.

It definitely feels as if it could be the unforgettable soundtrack to some groundbreaking new film or piece of theatre. The whole things stands out from so much of modern music, in a number of different ways, yet never due to anything that doesn’t work or doesn’t fit or tries too hard to be different. It’s a brilliantly written piece of music and lyricism, well performed, just with that little extra something special to really make it glow.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.

Nordic Artpop – White Nightingale has been signed


We are very happy to announce our final artist signing of this spring, as White Nightingale joins mFabrik Music. White Nightingale has been doing music since 2013 with a lot of gig experience and a full catalog of music just waiting to be released. White Nightingale is led by Anu Hakkarainen who is Finnish singer/songwriter with a background in classical piano and pop vocals. These elements combined bring the beauty of White Nightingale’s music to life. 

Catalonia – Unfulfilled love

First mFabrik music single release for White Nightingale is called Catalonia. Catalonia is a story of unfulfilled love and the struggle between independence and dualism. How can you be a part of something without losing who you truly are? Catalonia’s warm vintage sound filled with cinematographic atmosphere creates White Nightingale’s unique style. 

Listen to Catalonia from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and many more.




Dirty spawn of Memes and Rap music has arrived

What do you get when you sign a famous meme artist and combine him with rap?? Well, you get RankkaMeemiGäng who is storming the Finnish music business with his first single Dänkkii Meemii. 

We are very proud to have this meme veteran in our company, so welcome RankkaMeemiGäng 🙂

More interesting artist news coming up during may, so stay tuned 🙂



Let the revolution begin!

We don’t always publish news, but when we do…

It’s the launch of our new website, which of course we are very proud of. I believe it is time for an introduction of what mFabrik music is about and what are we doing?

“mFabrik Music is a Helsinki, Finland based company who has their mindset in changing the way we experience music. We use state of the art Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies to bring a whole new level for you to enjoy. We compose music for commercials, artists, short films and other audiovisual projects.”

VR/AR in music business? Sure it can be a nice gimmick, but instead we have a firm belief that it is the future of music. Sounds interesting? We firmly believe that it’s interesting and we are investing heavily in the development of concepts on how to use VR/AR in music business. This will be our top secret VRIL project which we will be launched this year. 

On top of this technology development we will of course have artists, because without music, there is no content for this technology.

We will announce 3 artists signups during the following months. We trust that these artists have the right mindset and are future orientated. 

Welcome to the future on my behalf,


Juha, CEO