Let the revolution begin!

We don’t always publish news, but when we do…

It’s the launch of our new website, which of course we are very proud of. I believe it is time for an introduction of what mFabrik music is about and what are we doing?

“mFabrik Music is a Helsinki, Finland based company who has their mindset in changing the way we experience music. We use state of the art Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies to bring a whole new level for you to enjoy. We compose music for commercials, artists, short films and other audiovisual projects.”

VR/AR in music business? Sure it can be a nice gimmick, but instead we have a firm belief that it is the future of music. Sounds interesting? We firmly believe that it’s interesting and we are investing heavily in the development of concepts on how to use VR/AR in music business. This will be our top secret VRIL project which we will be launched this year. 

On top of this technology development we will of course have artists, because without music, there is no content for this technology.

We will announce 3 artists signups during the following months. We trust that these artists have the right mindset and are future orientated. 

Welcome to the future on my behalf,


Juha, CEO


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