mFabrik Music



mFabrik Music is a Helsinki, Finland based company who has their mindset in changing the way we experience music. We use state of the art Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies to bring a whole new level for you to enjoy. We compose music for commercials, artists, short films and other audiovisual projects. 

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mFabrik music is a part of mFabrik LTD companies.


CEO – Juha Petteri Niemi


Juha Petteri Niemi is a tech oriented music producer who believes that virtual and augmented realities are the future way for the music business. 

Producer/Artist history


  • Nordic pop – White Nightingale – Producer
  • Finnish JPop – Origami Boys – Producer
  • Indiepop – The Seasons and Daughters – Vocalist/Producer
  • Electropop – Cowboy Sailors – Vocalist/Producer


  • MC Apassi – MC/Producer
  • Something Beautiful – Vocalist/Producer
  • Past Week – Vocalist/Producer